How Fast Do Willow Trees Grow?

Written by jorden kolpin | 13/05/2017
How Fast Do Willow Trees Grow?
Willows are admired for there graceful form. (weeping willow image by Edsweb from

Willow trees are prized for their graceful form and fast growth rate. Their place in the landscape is limited due to their size and susceptibility to wind damage.


How Fast Do Willow Trees Grow?
Willow trees are capable of very rapid growth. (measure one image by Kimberly Reinick from

Willow trees are able to establish quickly after transplanting and grow rapidly.

When planted in optimum conditions, willow trees can be extremely fast growing, some reaching 50 feet tall in only 10 years.


How Fast Do Willow Trees Grow?
Willows do well when planted near water. (willow image by david purday from

Willow trees have weak wood due to their fast growth rate. In strong winds willows are prone to losing branches and limbs. Willows are best suited for open areas where they will not be a hazard or nuisance.

Fun Fact

The Austree is marketed as being an extremely fast-growing tree that is ideal for natural screens or windbreaks. The Austree is actually a hybrid willow that is a cross between the corkscrew willow and the white willow.

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