The average salary of load escorts

Written by debbie mcrill | 13/05/2017
The average salary of load escorts
Oversized loads need an escort driver for public safety. (wide load. image by Paula Gent from

A load escort driver, also called a pilot, leads the way for oversized cargo on public roads to increase safety for the truck and motorists. Salaries for escort drivers depend on experience, industry and location.

Average Salary

According to the website Simply Hired, as of September 2010, the average salary for an escort driver is £22,100 a year.

Skill Requirements

Basic skills needed for the job include driving skills, communication skills, the ability to read maps and directions, and analytical skills. Load escort driver tasks and responsibilities include warning oncoming motorists, ensuring the permitted route is being followed, controlling traffic flow at intersections when needed, and communicating with other escort drivers and the truck driver when motorists are passing.

Driver Requirements

The actual requirements for escort drivers vary by state. However, in general the escort driver must be 21 years old and a licensed driver. Many states now require a certification for escort driving to validate the driver's skills. Contact your state's department of motor vehicles to learn about specific requirements.

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