Code of ethics in a salon industry

Written by karin barga | 13/05/2017
Code of ethics in a salon industry
Portray courtesy and professionalism in all salon operations. (Make-up image by Mat Hayward from

We convey professionalism through our manner of speaking, body language, level of focus and attitude. Adopting a strict code of ethics exhibits a salon's value, honesty and integrity to the public.

Put it in writing

Think back to your childhood and the one kid whose answer to every question was either, "I don't know" or "I don't care." When issues in a salon environment are viewed as ambiguously as on the playground, the stakes are much higher. A written code of ethics negates the "I don't know" mentality by clarifying exactly what is ethically acceptable to management.

Introducing the code

Introducing your salon's code of ethics early on in employment and reinforcing the importance of ethical behaviour saves time, money and embarrassment. Living the code communicates to employees that the entire salon team must abide by it, believe in it and put it into action daily.


Incorporate the following terms in your salon's code of ethics, emphasising the importance of each:

Honesty Value Integrity Problem-solving Professionalism Respect Service Communication Devotion Self-improvement Punctuality Courtesy

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