How to Buy Stocks Online With PayPal

Written by david a. wells | 13/05/2017
How to Buy Stocks Online With PayPal
You can use PayPal to buy stocks online. (stock market analysis screenshot image by .shock from

Online stock trading has become a popular way for individuals to invest. Many online trading companies make it easy to research investments, track the historical performance of various companies and buy and sell stocks online.

About PayPal

PayPal is a popular online payment service owned by that operates much like an online bank. You can add funds, accept payments from online customers and make online payments securely and easily using PayPal's various features.

PayPal as a Bank

Go to your online trading account and add your PayPal account as a current account. Once it has been verified, you will be able to transfer funds back and forth with relative ease.

PayPal Debit Card

PayPal offers a MasterCard debit card to account holders in good standing. This card functions exactly as any other debit card. You can use it to deposit funds into your online trading account to buy stocks with.

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