Documentation assistant job description

Written by debbie mcrill | 13/05/2017
Documentation assistant job description
A document assistant can perform clerical duties or documentation management duties. (green files. image by Sorbotrol from

A document assistant job title varies somewhat across industries. The title primarily is used for legal document assistant (LDA). However, the term is used more generally in fields such as engineering. In the oil and gas industry, there is a similar job description called a document control assistant.

Legal Document Assistant

A legal document assistant is highly skilled at completing forms correctly. Many legal documents are very specific and any errors can delay court proceedings for weeks or months. An LDA works directly with a client to complete documents. The LDA is not a paralegal and cannot offer legal advice.

Document Assistant

In industries such as engineering, a document assistant performs some of the following tasks; clerical support, files both hard copy and electronic documents, and maintains department records. Typically, this job requires a high school diploma.

Document Control Assistant

This position requires more experience in documentation control management and electronic documentation management. The person needs to understand document control procedures and may need to be familiar with specific document types such as drawings, specifications, software and standards. This position usually requires experience or a degree.

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