Job description of a country manager

Written by lisa hall | 13/05/2017
Job description of a country manager
A country manager supervises a non-profit office in a foreign country. (globe Africa rendered 07 image by patrimonio designs from

A country manager typically works for a non-profit organisation or company supervising an office within a specific country. The country manager's office is typically located in that country, and the professional travels frequently within the region and to the main office.

Job Duties

A country manager ensures his office's operations align with the organisation’s mission, strategic objectives and policies. Specific duties include managing staff, overseeing projects and sales, ensuring the organisation follows local laws and regulations, liaising with management at the main office and providing reports on activities, ensuring proper financial controls are in place and representing the organisation at meetings.


Qualifications for a country manager typically include a bachelor’s or master’s degree, at least five years management experience and three to four years of experience in an international environment. Ideal skill sets include the understanding of the country's politics, a culturally open-minded disposition, adaptability, integrity, strong leadership, the ability to build relationships and effective communication skills.

Salary Information

According to PayScale, as of August 2010, the salary range of a country manager was between £40,300 and £92,950. This varies greatly by employer type. For example, a country manager for a non-profit has an average salary range of £36,400 to £52,650, while those at a company average between £40,300 and £83,200.

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