What Is the Meaning of Japanese Maple Tree?

Written by joshua jones | 13/05/2017
What Is the Meaning of Japanese Maple Tree?
Japanese maples have red leaves. (Japanese maple image by Horticulture from Fotolia.com)

The Japanese maple is a lovely tree that is very popular around the world. There are several varieties of Japanese maple that make it versatile for use in many types of climates and gardens. As its cultivation scans the globe, the meaning or significance of the tree also varies.

Japanese Name

In Japan, the Japanese maple is known as "momji." The word has two English translations. The first is "baby's hands," and the second is "becomes crimson leaves."

Celtic Meaning

In Celtic culture, the Japanese maple is associated with certain personalities and time frames. The tree is associated with the month of April. As for people, it represents unusual and complex individuals with great creativity, as well as people who are ambitious and who seek out new experiences.


The more traditional significance of the Japanese maple concerns newborn babies. Some families pass a newborn baby through the branches of a Japanese maple to encourage a long, healthy and prosperous life.

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