Job description of a pmo analyst

Updated March 23, 2017

A PMO analyst, also called a project management office analyst, helps a company complete short-term initiatives and long-term projects. He also conducts organizational studies and recommends process improvements in operating activities.


A job announcement on indicates that a PMO analyst monitors a project status and potential deviations from plans. She also produces executive reports to senior management.

Tools and Technologies

According to the career information website Onet Online, a PMO analyst often uses desktop computers and high-capacity removable media drives when performing tasks. He also might use analytical software.

Work Activities

Onet Online indicates that a PMO analyst receives and processes information or data. She also makes decisions and solves problems while performing tasks.


A PMO analyst usually has a four-year college degree in a business field or computer science and may hold a project management professional certification.


A PMO analyst must have critical-thinking abilities and good communication skills. He also must be able to manage time appropriately.


As of 2010, the average annual wage of a PMO analyst was £53,300, according to the job resources portal Indeed.

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