Job description of a compliance administrator

Written by marquis codjia | 13/05/2017
Job description of a compliance administrator
A compliance administrator ensures that employees abide by regulations. (mindscanner/iStock/Getty Images)

A company's senior management must implement adequate and effective regulatory conformity procedures to ensure that employees abide by government rules and industry practices when performing tasks. Compliance administrators -- sometimes also called regulatory affairs officers -- help organisations conform to laws.

Main duties

A compliance administrator evaluates staff security forms and determines access monitoring to corporate resources.

Tools and technology

A compliance administrator often uses computers when performing tasks. She also might maintain a visitor authorisation database.

Work activities

A compliance administrator interacts with colleagues, conducts internal investigations and disseminates policies and guidelines to compliance staff.

Academic credentials

A degree in business management or a related field is generally required for a compliance administrator role, but employers often hire candidates with professional qualifications or experience.

Qualitative abilities

A compliance administrator must have good communication skills (written and verbal) when conducting inquiries.


According to the Prospects UK graduate careers website, as of 2014 typical starting salaries ranged from £18,000 to £23,000 a year. More experienced staff can earn from £30,000 to £55,000.

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