The natural habitat of foxes

Written by clara english | 13/05/2017
The natural habitat of foxes
Foxes can adapt to many environments. (fox image by DOLPHIN from

The natural habitat of the red fox can be distinguished by several common features. Though the fox is able to survive in almost any habitat, it is most suited to a blended natural region with few other foxes and ready access to food.


The red fox lives in North America, Europe and Asia in diverse areas such as grasslands, deserts and forests. The red fox will usually choose a transition area between two types of landscape.

Availability of Food

Foxes typically feed on rabbits and small rodents, but they can adapt to whatever food source is most available in a chosen region. They will also readily consume eggs, fruit and vegetables.


Foxes hunt alone and must have an area between two and seven square miles to maintain as their territory.


Enough foxes must exist in one general area for mating purposes. Foxes break the boundaries of their territories to mate during the winter.

Den Area

Foxes need an area to make a den in order to raise young. They will either dig their own or use the sites of other burrowing animals.

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