Project Support Officer Job Description

Written by marquis codjia | 13/05/2017
Project Support Officer Job Description
A project support officer helps a company complete a major initiative. (Netherlands project image by araraadt from

A company improves internal processes and mechanisms by engaging in multiple projects in the short term and long term. A project support officer helps a firm achieve operating goals and long-term initiatives.

Nature of the Work

A project support officer communicates with project development teams and helps them establish detailed work completion plans, including status reports and budget allocation.


A bachelor's degree in computer science or a business-related field is usually necessary for a project support officer position. Professionals with advanced degrees, such as master's degrees, are not uncommon in the field.


According to the career resources portal, a project support officer earned a median annual wage of £69,550 in 2010.

Career Development

A project support officer can be promoted faster if she performs well and seeks a project management professional certification. An experienced and effective project support officer can advance in a few years.

Working Conditions

A project support officer's schedule is flexible and depends on business needs and project deadline specifications. He may work late nights or on weekends when a project is in progress.

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