What Is Wallpaper Primer?

Written by katherine harder | 13/05/2017
What Is Wallpaper Primer?
Wallpaper primer protects the drywall or plaster beneath and enhances the paper's final appearance. (wallpaper image by Svetlin Rusev from Fotolia.com)

Wallpaper a room yourself with professional results by using the proper materials, such as wallpaper primer. Purchase wallpaper primer in any home improvement store or wallpaper speciality store before you begin your next wallpaper project.


Wallpaper primer allows an even application of wallpaper to the surface of the wall, and it increases the adhesive abilities and removability of the wallpaper.


Wall paper primer is offered in water-based or oil-based versions. Primer and sealant combination, stain killing and anti-fungal varieties also are available.


Wallpaper primer is clearly labelled as wallpaper primer, not paint primer, and contains resin. It appears white or off-white.


Tint the primer to achieve a colour similar to your wallpaper for uniform, professional-looking results.

Fun Fact

You can use wallpaper primer with wallpaper paste for other wall decorating projects, such as covering the wall with burlap or découpage and book pages.

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