The Natural Habitat of a Gecko

Written by claire jameson | 13/05/2017
The Natural Habitat of a Gecko
Geckos live in a variety of climates and habitats. (gecko image by Maria Bell from

Geckos are reptiles from the Gekkonidae family. According to Lewis and Clark University, there are close to 850 species of gecko in the world. Each species of gecko requires a specific type of habitat. This article contains a sample of gecko habitats from around the world.

Mourning Gecko

Mourning geckos are native to Eastern Asia but have been introduced to tropical areas such as Panama, Ecuador, Hawaii and Columbia. Mourning geckos live in cool, wooded areas where they hide and lay eggs under tree bark.

Tokay Gecko

Tokay geckos live in the geographic range from India to the Malay Archipelago near Australia. The habitat of Tokay geckos is tropical rainforests. Tokay geckos live on cliffs and in trees.

Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos can be found in the Middle Eastern region of Asia, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and India. They thrive in areas that are dry and rocky and primarily live on the ground.

Namib Web Footed Gecko

The Namib Web-Footed gecko is found in Africa, where its natural habitat is dry sandy deserts. These geckos bury themselves deep in the sand during the day to prevent moisture loss.

Mediterranean Gecko

The Mediterranean gecko is native to Southern Europe and Northern Africa but can live in many tropical areas, including the Southeastern United States. These geckos live in trees, between rocks or in any small crevice that will afford warmth and shelter.

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