Wellness coaching certification

Updated July 19, 2017

Wellness Coaching is a combination of life coaching, lifestyle fitness coaching, green living, nutrition, exercise and stress management. Coaches can work online, from home, with fitness centres or as part of corporate wellness team.


Wellness Coaches work with clients to encourage them to change aspects of their lives that are most unhealthy like diet, exercise habits and smoking. A good coach will work with a client to identify how her present life contributes to those behaviours, and to explore what can be done to change living so behavioural change is easier.


The are many training programs available online. These programs are generally completed in about 30 to 50 hours of study followed by a multiple choice exam which the student mails to the school for final grading.


As a specific coaching niche, Wellness Coaching draws practitioners from many professions including chaplains, physical therapists, social workers and personal trainers.


According to a recent survey by the American College of Sports Medicine, "educated and experienced fitness professionals" constitute the most significant fitness trend in the world, having moved from third to first place since last year.


People with backgrounds in physical fitness, public health, life coaching or nutrition may find Wellness Coaching a rewarding field.

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