Normal Weight Range for a Two-Year-Old

Updated February 21, 2017

The weight range of 2-year-old children varies widely depending on the child's age in months and normal variation in weight. Over the course of their second year, most children gain about four pounds.

24 Months

On his second birthday, the average boy weighs 12.7 Kilogram. Most 2-year-old boys , 95 per cent, weigh at least 10.7 Kilogram at 24-months-old, and few boys, 5 per cent, weigh more than 15.2 Kilogram. The trend is the same for girls, but they are, on average, one pound lighter.

36 months

By the end of the second year, 36 months old, the average weight of a boy climbs to 14.5 Kilogram. Ninety-five per cent of boys weigh at least 12 Kilogram, and 5 per cent are more than 17.5 Kilogram. Again, girls weigh about one pound less than boys on their third birthday.

Growth Charts

A 2-year-old child's weight can be compared to the growth chart, a graph of the range of weights expected for children the same age.

Growth Velocity

Even if a child is not within the typical weight range for his age, this does not necessarily indicate a problem. Babies born prematurely, for instance, will often remain smaller than their same-age peers even though their rate of growth is normal.


Factors that affect the weight of a 2-year-old include their genes, eating habits, physical activity and medical issues that can cause children to be overweight or underweight. If you are concerned about your child's weight, make an appointment with your paediatrician for further information.

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