What is a Gel Coat Resin?

Updated February 21, 2017

Gel coat is a fibreglass resin based paint that's used to paint basically anything fibreglass that needs paint. Gel coat is used to get a coloured finish as well as a protective layer over the fibreglass.


Gel coat is a high quality polyester resin that is pigmented with colour and mixed with additives to thicken it up.


Like all fibreglass resins gel coat requires a catalyst, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, in order to harden. Only one to two per cent catalyst is needed but, you can add one to two per cent more to speed up the curing process.


Gel coat is applied in a spray application for the best results but can be brushed or rolled on with a paint roller.


Applying frequent coats of fresh wax and buffing it out will protect the gel coat from oxidation and sun damage.


Gel coat scrapes or gouges can be repaired using fibreglass filler and applying a fresh coat of gel coat. Many times small cracks or dings can be rubbed out with a rubbing compound and re-waxed.

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