Yellow eye discharge in dogs

Updated February 21, 2017

A dog’s eyes can alert an owner to a possible illness. A yellowish discharge from an eye may mean a serious eye disease that requires treatment by a veterinarian.

Eye Discharge

Yellow, green or reddish eye discharge may indicate a variety of illnesses in a dog. As a general rule, the more discharge the eye produces, the more serious the condition, according to

Yellowish Discharge

A yellowish discharge usually indicates the presence of white blood cells in the form of pus. Pus frequently accompanies a bacterial or fungal infection.


Conjunctivitis, a common infection of the eyeball and eyelid tissues, can cause a dog’s eye to produce a yellowish discharge, according to

Other Causes

Infections in or around the eye socket, including the sinus cavities and the back teeth, can manifest themselves as a discharge from the eye.


A veterinarian can perform a series of tests to determine the problem causing the eye discharge and prescribe medication, according to Owners should never use over-the-counter eyedrops meant for humans.

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