Knee replacement surgery cost

Written by joanne cichetti | 13/05/2017
Knee replacement surgery cost
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Knee replacement surgery is usually performed on patients with damaged knees due to injuries or diseases like arthritis. The surgery consists of replacement of the knee joint with an artificial joint.


According to, knee replacement surgery, for individuals without insurance, can cost around £22,750 or more, as of early 2008. Contrary to this, suggests that the total cost may range between £29,250 and £45,500.


According to, some hospitals offer discounted prices for knee surgery, for instance, after the discount, the patient may be required to pay somewhere between £13,137 and £22,132. One such hospital that offers discount is Tulane University Hospital and Clinic in Louisiana.


For individuals with health insurance, out of pocket expense can vary significantly depending on the type of insurance. For instance, a patient with insurance may have to pay additional £2,767 including coinsurance and deductibles.

Medical Tourism

For people who do not have health insurance, medical tourism is an option. Medical tourism implies that you get the knee replacement surgery from another country that offers lower rates. For instance, according to, surgery in Singapore costs between £11,700 and £14,300 while the same surgery in Thailand costs between £7,800 and £9,230.


The knee implants are usually replaced every 10 to 15 years.

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