The average cost of remodeling a kitchen

Written by joanne cichetti | 13/05/2017

The average cost of kitchen remodelling depends on the size, condition and layout of the existing kitchen. It also depends on the quality of materials you use. According to, cabinets account for half of the cost of the remodelling project. The total cost varies according to the individual items you choose.

Minor Upgrades

According to, minor upgrades in a 200-square foot kitchen cost between £11,074 and £12,587, on average.

Major Upgrades

Major remodelling with modest quality materials costs between £33,052 and £38,815, according to Better Homes and Gardens puts the average kitchen remodelling cost at £17,477, citing an average range of £9,750 to £29,250.

Upscale Upgrades

The cost of upscale remodelling of a 200-square foot kitchen can go as high as £75,106.


According to, the stock cabinets cost between £32 and £130 per linear foot while custom cabinets can cost as much as five times more.


Enamelled steel sinks cost between £65 and £130 while cast iron and stainless steel sinks cost between £130 and £1,300.


Laminate, ceramic tile, concrete and stainless steel countertops cost between £6 and £84 per linear foot, while marble and granite cost between £65 and £130 per linear foot.

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