Inoperable stage 4 colon cancer prognosis

Updated April 03, 2017

Stage 4 colon cancer indicates advanced cancer. Operations for stage 4 cancer are uncommon as a treatment since the cancer is widespread. Your prognosis will depend on several factors.

What Is Stage 4 Colon Cancer?

If you have stage 4 cancer, the cancer has spread to other parts of the body like the lungs and liver. Lymph nodes might be involved. The original tumour might have moved through the wall of the colon.

Determining Prognosis

While survival statistics offer a larger picture of patient survival within a particular type and stage of cancer, each individual is different. Several factors will come into play, including age, general health and characteristics of your tumour.

Colon Cancer Grade

Regardless of stage, the grade of colon cancer can affect prognosis. The colon cancer grade determines the extent that cancerous colon cells resemble normal colon cells. The more cancerous tumour cells resemble normal cells, the better.

Stage 4 Colon Cancer Prognosis

The following data comes from the National Cancer Institute's database. It represents colon cancer survival statistics of 120,000 people between 1991 and 2000. The number of stage 4 colon cancer patients still alive 5 years after diagnosis is 8 per cent.

Considerations About Statistics

The American Cancer Society notes that survival statistics are based on patients treated many years ago and treatments for colon cancer have improved over the years. Recently diagnosed colon cancer patients might have better statistics.

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