Can I put bigger tyres on my car?

Written by william zane | 13/05/2017
Can I put bigger tyres on my car?
There are limitations on the size of tyre your car can carry. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Fitting a vehicle with larger tyres is a common practice. Larger tyres can increase the handling and safety of a vehicle and also enhance its appearance. But there are few things that should be considered before installing larger tyres.

Wider tyres

A larger tyre is generally wider than the one it is replacing. If you have a 205/50-15 tyre, a wider tyre might be a 225/45-15 tyre. You cannot drastically change the width of the tyre without also installing a wider wheel.

Larger diameter Tyre

A larger tyre can also be a tyre that has a larger diameter, which means that the outer dimensions of it are larger. If you have a 37.5 cm (15 inch) wheel and tyre, a larger tyre would be 40 or 42.5 cm (16 or 17 inches). You must install larger diameter wheels if you are installing a larger diameter tyre.

Better handling

One of the potential benefits of installing a larger tyre on a car is additional grip and handling because of the larger contact patch (the part of the tyre that grips the road).

Heavier steering

A potential downside of larger tyres is that the steering may become heavier since there is more rubber to turn.


Larger tyres may also cause interference with the bodywork or brakes and suspension if they are too large.

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