Where can I purchase flax brand clothing?

Updated November 21, 2016

Since 1992, Flax Designs has offered beautiful and practical 100 per cent linen sweaters, coats and separates that are natural and easy to care for. Even though Flax doesn't sell products online, there are many options nationwide for finding lovely and uniqe Flax pieces, like the Fundamentally Flax and Flax Bold lines.


Flax has two flagship showrooms, the 7 Windows Showroom New York at 214 W. 39th St., Suite 403, open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the 7 Windows Showroom Los Angeles at 110 E. 9th St. A369, which is only open during market time. Flax Clothing has a Barn Sale every year.


Flax Clothing does not sell clothing through its website, However, if you wish to buy Flax clothing online, authorised boutiques like 2 on Crescent in Asheville, North Carolina, or Tender Treasures in Montrose, California, offer online shopping. Other boutiques, like Cheeks in Cape May, New Jersey, list Flax products online and take orders via phone.


Flax clothing is available at over 50 fine boutiques nationwide, from New Jersey to California. For information on Flax dealers near you, you can e-mail for a personalised list. You can find the complete list on the Flax Designs official site.


Flax Designs makes its lines available for pre-order every season; order early for the best selection.


Not all Flax collections may be available at all Flax dealer locations, nor in all sizes or styles. Call ahead or check online before heading out to your local boutique.


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