About Jazz Apple Trees

Updated July 19, 2017

Jazz apples are a relatively new arrival to the world of apple varieties, but they have quickly gained popularity for their medium size, attractive appearance, dense texture, and sweet taste. You can't buy seeds to plant your own Jazz apple tree, but more and more farmers are joining the Jazz apple tree growers alliance and increasing the supply of apples to the public.


Jazz apple trees were developed naturally in New Zealand in the 1980s, when HortResearch crossed Royal Gala and Braeburn apple tree seeds. They were granted plant variety rights in 2002.


The best Jazz apples are bright red in colour and have extremely firm skins.


The Jazz has a great sweet Gala flavour that is balanced by a tangy Braeburn tartness, but it can be so firm that it is difficult to bite into. Try cutting it into slices instead.


There are Jazz apple growers in New Zealand, France, the UK and Washington state. Because the Jazz apple is trademarked, all growers are monitored and licensed. You can't grow a Jazz apple tree on your own.


Don't try to plant the seeds you find in a Jazz apple to get around the fact that true patented Jazz apple seeds are not available. The resulting tree will have lots of crab-apples and none of the apples will taste like true Jazz apples. Instead, try planting a similar Gala apple tree.

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