Pregnant Hamster Symptoms

Written by narie kim | 13/05/2017
Pregnant Hamster Symptoms
Your hamster may be eating for a litter. (hamster lunch time image by cat from

Hamsters are popular household pets, but care must be taken when housing a male and female hamster together or you might be surprised with a pregnant hamster. There are chances that you will buy or adopt a hamster that is already pregnant as well. Although different breeds of hamsters have unique characteristics, pregnant hamsters exhibit similar symptoms.

Spots of Blood

According to the Hamster Club website, if you notice blood near the rear end of the female hamster, it could signal that she has just mated. Blood spots coming from the vagina also are a common pregnancy symptom.

Physical Changes

Similar to pregnant human females, pregnant hamsters will start showing weight gain that is concentrated around the abdominal area. The nipples will become swollen and more pronounced. You may notice your hamster's thirst and appetite increase due to pregnancy. Ensure the hamster has an adequate supply of fresh water and food.

Behaviour Changes

The Pet Info Packets website states that behavioural changes, such as nipping you or the male hamster, displaying unusual territorial behaviour, nervous and jumpy behaviour, hoarding food and any significant behaviour that deviates from the norm are symptoms of a pregnant hamster. It is recommended that you avoid handling the pregnant hamster. The female hamster may even chase the male from the cage and if you observe fighting, immediately separate the hamsters until after the birth.


One of the most obvious signs a hamster is pregnant is when she begins to build a nest out of bedding you provided in the cage. Typically, the hoarded food will be by the nest and you should provide soft material for the hamster to use as nest lining.

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