Is there a virus that causes joint pain?

Updated November 21, 2016

Many people don't realise that viruses often cause joint pain, as well as resulting in joint damage. Virulent strains of staph (staphylococcus), for example, often actually destroy the affected joint.

Infectious Arthritis

When a virus or bacteria gets inside the joint space, infectious arthritis can occur, according to and Dr. Nathan Wei, who a nationally-known rheumatologist. This type of arthritis spreads throughout the body.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease, which is the result of a tick bite, is an infectious arthritis and causes joint pain as well as fatigue and fever.

Symptoms of Virus

If you experience a rash, sore throat, muscle aches and pains or a runny nose along with joint pain and swelling, your physician may conclude that a virus has caused your symptoms.

Ross River Virus

Ross River Virus, the most common viral cause of arthritis, results from mosquito bites. A rash appears on the trunk or the limbs a week or two after you have been bitten and swelling and joint pain begins soon thereafter.

Parvovirus and Fifth Disease

Parvovirus causes joint swelling in the hands and wrists. A rash can result. This is the most common viral arthritis found among city dwellers. Fifth disease results from the human parvovirus B19, according to Fifth disease primarily affects hands, knees and wrists joints. .

Barmah Forest Virus

Another virus that results in joint pain and that is very similar to Ross River Virus is Barmah Forest Virus.

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