What drywall is best for soundproofing?

Updated July 19, 2017

Any drywall can provide a measure of soundproofing by adding an extra layer to help reduce noise transfer. But QuietRock, a drywall material specially engineered for soundproofing, offers the more-sure-fire solution.

STC Ratings

STC--for "sound transmission class"--is a numerical rating describing a material's ability to block or absorb noise. The higher the number, the more noise it will block.

Standard drywall vs. QuietRock

A standard drywall application has an STC rating of 39, while the top-performing version of QuietRock has an STC rating of 80.


QuietRock installs in the same manner as traditional drywall and does not require any special tools or knowledge.


QuietRock can be finished and painted just like traditional drywall.

Different models

QuietRock is available in nine models, depending on the application, desired STC rating and budget.

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