Foods to avoid for high triglycerides in dogs

Updated July 19, 2017

Dogs with high triglycerides need to be treated with diet, which becomes a central part of healing. Dogs can have high cholesterol just like people, but the different treatment methods are used.


High triglycerides are a part of hyperlipemia in dogs. Dogs can have high cholesterol and triglycerides, or one without the other.

Types to Avoid

High fat foods should be avoided. These include the dog food given to the dog as well as snacks and treats. Table scraps should be avoided since most will be too high in fat for the dog, unless it is boiled chicken.


Diet will be the key in keeping the dog's triglyceride levels under control. A high quality diet with a fat level of 10 to 12 per cent is sufficient.


Triglycerides levels in a dog are considered normal if they range from 20 to 200. Anything above 200 is considered high. A veterinarian draws a small amount of blood and runs a full blood panel in order to gain a total view of the dogs overall health.


Dogs are scavengers by nature. If a dog gets into the trash and consumes high fat foods, a trip to the veterinarian will be needed.

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