What insects & bugs do spiders eat?

Written by clara maxwell
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What insects & bugs do spiders eat?
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Spiders are eight-legged carnivorous arachnids. They are found over most of the world in a wide range of habitats from jungle to desert. Most spiders spin sticky webs in which to trap their prey.

Types of insects in spider diet

Spiders eat a wide range of insects, including grasshoppers and crickets, wasps, mosquitoes, gnats, flies, moths, butterflies, cockroaches, beetles, ants, cicadas and scorpions.

What insects & bugs do spiders eat?
Spider with prey. (Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Olivier)

A vegetarian spider

"Current Biology Journal" published a paper in October 2009, describing the only known vegetarian spider, Bagheera kiplingi, a type of jumping spider found in Mexico and Central America.

Other food

Some large spider species, including the tarantula, prey on lizards, frogs and toads, small mammals and birds. Some jumping spiders supplement their insect diet with nectar and pollen.

What insects & bugs do spiders eat?
Tarantula. (Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Steve Jurvetson)

How spiders eat insects

Spiders have fangs that inject venom into their prey to paralyse them. Because the spider's gut cannot handle solid food, it uses enzymes to liquefy the insect's innards before ingesting them.

Spider facts

Some spider species do not spin webs. They wander in search of prey, and attack aggressively. Spiders have six to eight eyes, but most species have poor vision.

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