What could cause a rash & swollen eyes?

Written by misty s. bledsoe | 13/05/2017
What could cause a rash & swollen eyes?
Reddened eye (Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Max Froumentin)

Rashes and swollen eyes can be causes for concern because they can indicate serious allergic reactions and may need medical attention. If you aren't sure what the cause is, or if your symptoms are serious, seek medical attention.


Allergies to certain ingredients in make-up, medications, hairspray and lotions can cause swollen eyes and or a rash, depending on how the individual reacts.

Insect bites

The chemical injected into humans from bee stings or ants can cause facial swelling in general and/or a rash. Some individuals can also be severely allergic to fleabites.

Chemical Burn

A chemical burn directly in the eye will cause both a rash and swollen eyes. You may also have trouble seeing or have a sensitivity to light.


In some people, certain foods such as peanuts and strawberries will cause swelling in or around the eyes, and/or a rash, depending on the severity of the reaction.


Pink eye, glaucoma, and hay fever all cause swollen eyes. Viruses like chickenpox and herpes simplex cause rashes.


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