Signs & symptoms of having a baby boy

Updated July 19, 2017

During pregnancy, everyone from family members, friends and even the lady at the grocery store will tell you what the gender of your baby is...and give you a great explanation behind their choice. Whether it is a lucky guess, old wives tale or a watered-down fact, these explanations are fun and exciting for the mom-to-be. Remember that no matter what the guess, however, you still have a 50 per cent chance of carrying a baby boy.

Looking like a Boy

The belief is that if you are carrying low with all your weight gain in the front in a round volleyball shape, then you are carrying a boy. This is also true if your face has not changed or it is glowing better than ever.

Boy's Food Cravings

Folk tales can lead one to believe boys will give their mommies no morning sickness. When a boy is on the way, mom will crave salty foods and foods high in protein.

Games for a Boy

Many games insist they can predict the gender. Add your age (at the time of conception) and the number of the month in which you conceived. If it is an even number, start buying blue. Another predictor is the Chinese lunar calender, easily found on the internet, which charts the mom's lunar age and the month of conception. The meeting point will tell you the sex of the baby.

Additional Wives Tale's

Expect a boy if the baby's heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute. In addition, your feet will be colder than ever before and your mate will gain weight as rapidly as you do when a boy is on the way.

Reliable Sources

The most factual way to determine if you are having a boy is via tests conducted by your doctor. Prenatal tests performed in the first trimester include an amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS) test can tell you the sex of your baby. A less evasive way is to have an ultrasound, where the doctor can get an image of your baby to determine the sex. However, if your baby has its legs close to its stomach, has hands blocking the pelvic area or is turned the wrong way, its gender will still be a mystery.

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