What causes dizziness and short term memory loss?

Dizziness and short-term memory loss are often symptoms or side effects of an underlying health condition, bodily injury or the use/abuse of medicines and other substances. When these symptoms appear together, the list of underlying causes becomes smaller. Discover a few of the causes of dizziness and short-term memory loss.


According to Biology Online, dizziness is a feeling of light-headedness, giddiness, including balance issues and feelings of being outside of the body. Short-term memory loss is the inability to access the brain's temporary storage of information, such as forgetting events that happened moments earlier.

Substance abuse causes

The use of alcohol and recreational drugs such as cannabis are causes of dizziness and short-term memory loss. Dizziness and short-term memory loss can be exacerbated if these substances are abused while taking certain prescription medication.

Stroke causes

Diagnose Me advises the onset of stroke is a cause of sudden memory loss, including short-term memory loss, along with dizziness and other neurological symptoms.

Fatigue causes

Conditions such as anaemia and an under-active thyroid are causes of dizziness and short-term memory loss.

Head injury causes

Head injury causes such as concussions can create feelings of dizziness and may result in short-term memory loss.


Consult a doctor if you experience dizziness and short-term memory loss.

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