Information on Apple Blossoms

Updated February 21, 2017

The apple blossom is more than just a sweet smelling flower. It houses the bud that, over time, grows into an apple. Apple blossoms thrive in temperate climates worldwide, but only appear for a short period of time prior to fruit production.

The Facts

Apple blossoms are considered a "perfect" flower because the anthers that promote pollination and the pistons that develop into apples are both located within the same blossom .


Apple blossoms indicate that an apple tree is mature and ready to bear fruit.


Apple blossoms are small, very fragrant flowers. They typically grow in clusters and are either pink or white, depending on the type of tree.


Apple blossoms on a tree are not necessarily a positive indicator of forthcoming apples. If blossoms are not adequately pollenized, a flowering tree will not bear fruit.


Apple blossoms are sensitive to temperature changes. A hard frost or cold snap can easily kill them. The blossoms can be covered by plastic, cotton, or cheesecloth to protect them from the elements.

Fun Fact

The apple blossom is Michigan's state flower.

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