Different Body Types for Men

Written by hannah wahlig
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Different Body Types for Men
Men's body types are defined by the distribution of lean muscle and fat. (body builders image by Pavel Losevsky from Fotolia.com)

When it comes to body types, the terms "pear shaped" or "apple shaped" may come to mind to describe women. However, the terms for discussing men's body types tend to be significantly less colourful. The three most common men's body types are largely defined by the distribution of muscle and fat around the torso and abdomen.


Mesomorph body types are well-proportioned and have a high concentration of lean muscle mass. Mesomorphs are typically described as athletic body types: The shoulders are broad and well-defined and the chest area tapers to a thinner waistline. The broadest part of the body is the chest, though the thighs and hips also tend to be well-muscled. The overall body shape is balanced and rectangular; the female counterpart to a mesomorph body shape is an hourglass figure that creates even proportions through the chest, waist and hips. Aside from body shape, mesomorphs also tend to maintain and build muscle more easily than other body types.


Endomorphs have a higher ratio of fat to muscle than other men's body types. The concentration of muscle in endomorph body types is low while the concentration of fat tends to be considerably higher. The overall body shape is rounder and less defined than a mesomorph body shape. The shoulders may be broad or slight but lack muscular definition; the waist is often the widest part of the body, though the hips are also wide. Endomorphs typically lack efficiency when it comes to burning excess fat or building lean muscle.


Ectomorphs tend to be considered leaner than other men's body types. The concentrations of muscle in ectomorph body types tends to be lower, but the concentration of fat is also considerably low. Ectomorphs are of slight build and tend to be shorter than other body types, but tall, lean ectomorphs are also common. Ectomorphs lack any dramatic distinction in broadness through the shoulders, waist and hips; in general the shoulders are about the same width as the hips and the waist tends to be slightly slimmer than the shoulders and hips. Ectomorphs tend to burn fat efficiently but struggle to put on muscle.

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