Beech tree facts

Written by joyce handzo | 13/05/2017

Beech (Fagus) is a genus which includes 10 species of deciduous trees native to North America, Europe and Asia. These trees grow slowly, eventually reaching a height of up to 120 feet, with branches spanning 50 feet. The nuts are encased in a spiny burr and are favoured by birds and other wildlife. The timber is practically pure white and is used to make furniture and toys. The tree is best known for its many and low branches that create a deep shade.


It prefers full sun but tolerates semi-shade. The tree grows in a variety of soil as long as the ground is not soggy.


The climate conditions of planting zones 3 through 8 will support the health of this tree. Young beeches benefit from protection in winter.


During hot weather, frequent watering and misting is recommended, with a sharp reduction during winter. Signs of drought include dried leaf edges.


Begin feeding 1 month after bud burst and then every 2 weeks until the end of summer.


Prevention of infestations includes regular feeding and watering in dry weather. Apply insect control sprays as needed.


Prune every 2 years in late spring.


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