What qualifications do you need to be an event planner?

Updated November 21, 2016

As an event planner, there are many opportunities--such as work in non-profits planning fundraising events, or work in for-profits planning anything from meetings and conferences to concerts. There is also the wedding planning business, or being your own boss and planning all types of events.

Communication Skills

An event planner must be an excellent communicator. This is perhaps the highest valued quality in the field, as event planners must be able to communicate on several levels to many different types of people.

Organizational Skills

Event planners by nature are extremely organised. They have to be in order to plan all of the steps that go into an event at the same time without mixing up data, contacts and schedules.


There is no specific college degree required for an event planning career. However, a bachelor's degree in communications, hospitality or business can help a lot.


Experience is a big qualification. Most places prefer to hire an event planner with experience in at least two events, whether as the primary planner or a coordinator.

A Portfolio

Having a portfolio is an extremely useful tool when applying for event planner jobs. A portfolio can show off the events you have planned or worked on, along with your education, your unique ideas and your organizational skills.

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