How much is a tummy tuck?

Updated April 17, 2017

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) removes sagging stomach skin and firms up the abdominal muscles; it may also decrease the appearance of stretch marks and improve abdominal strength. Tummy tucks are also used to repair separations in the stomach's muscle sheath (diastasis recti). The procedure can range from a mini-tuck to a full tuck. Some people have several plastic surgery procedures done at the same time; others comparison shop among geographic locations. The cost of a tummy tuck can vary widely depending on the type of procedure(s) a patient chooses to have.


The cost of a tummy tuck can range from £1,625 to £8,125 plus fees for operating room use and anaesthesia. Procedures done in a surgical office rather than a hospital save operating room fees. There can be cost variations by state or by country, although travel expenses may negate these savings.


Having the procedure done under local anaesthesia can reduce its cost by £1,950 or more. Tummy tucks can take three to five hours or more, though, so this option should be considered only for the simplest and least invasive operations.

Mini-tummy Tuck

People with only a small degree of sagging muscle and/or skin may be candidates for a mini-tummy tuck. An endoscopic tummy tuck is another mini-procedure that is less expensive. Mini-procedures may be only £1,300 to £2,275 when done in a surgical office under local anaesthesia.

Full Tummy Tuck

Traditional tummy tucks require a long horizontal incision and are usually performed under general anaesthesia. Recovery time can be several weeks; all these factors make a full tummy tuck cost £9,750 or more when all fees are included.

Additional Costs

Liposuction, extensive skin removal and/or combining a tummy tuck with other procedures all add to the cost of a tummy tuck. However, bundling the procedures is usually less expensive than having them done separately.


Remember to include expenses for recovery time into a tummy tuck budget. Be aware that most plastic surgery done solely for cosmetic purposes is not covered by insurance; even tummy tucks done for health reasons may not be covered if they are done outside of the country. Some insurance companies may also consider possible side effects to a tummy tuck when figuring insurance premiums.

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