Job description for a dental receptionist

Written by shelley moore | 13/05/2017

A dental receptionist works at the front desk of a dental clinic, assisting clients in person or on the phone. The job requires an outgoing personality, strong organizational abilities, and data entry and bookkeeping skills.

Front Desk Work

The job description for dental receptionists includes greeting patients, providing paperwork for them to fill out, invoicing and taking payments.

Telephone Work

Dental receptionists handle multiline phone systems, answering questions and scheduling appointments. Offices without automatic administrative functions may require the receptionist to call clients with appointment reminders.

Forms and Records

Completing insurance forms and filing claims is also part of the dental receptionist's job. They enter patient data on the computer along with invoicing and payment history.

Light Housekeeping

Dental receptionists are in charge of making sure the waiting room and office area look nice, by picking up litter left around the room, emptying wastebaskets, and straightening magazines and newspapers.

Dental Assistant Tasks

Dental receptionists might perform some basic dental assistant tasks as well, such as cleaning and sterilising dental equipment, and laying out equipment for the next procedure.

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