What is the yearly salary of a music producer?

Updated April 17, 2017

Your yearly salary as a music producer can range from just getting by to being wealthy enough to own a mansion and several cars. The difference lies in a number of factors, such as how successful the tracks you produce are and how much experience you have.


Salaries can range from about £13,000 to more than £0.6 million.


As a producer, you'll tend to earn more if you are a freelancer, as opposed to working for a record label or studio. Also, producers new to the field will make less than those with years of experience and success.


A music producer's salary can also vary, depending upon how many tracks per project the producer works. It's not uncommon for an artist to use different producers for different tracks on the same album.


In general, you'll make more money if you work in a major "music" city. For example, you'll earn more if you work in Los Angeles, Nashville or New York City, as opposed to Pawtucket, R.I.


You can be paid in different ways. Some projects will pay you via royalties on the tracks, while others will pay you a flat fee per track or project.

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