What Should Diabetics Not Eat?

Written by mandi rogier | 13/05/2017

Individuals with diabetes do not produce enough insulin in their bodies to manage the blood sugar levels. To cope with this, they must follow a strict diet. This diet should also be accompanied by exercise. For some diabetics, an insulin injection or other medication can also help to control their blood sugar levels. However, all diabetics must remain diligent about the foods that they eat as well as the foods that they avoid.


Diabetics should eliminate or severely reduce their intake of all alcoholic beverages.


Sweets should be avoided or seriously limited. Sugar should be replaced with an artificial sweetener.


Diabetics should limit the fats in their diet. This includes oil, butter, margarine, mayonnaise and fatty foods, such as bacon and olives.


White bread, breakfast cereals, pancakes and rice should be avoided by diabetics in favour of bran, barley and oats.


Pre-packaged snack foods, such as chips, should be avoided on a diabetic diet.

Dairy and Protein

Whole milk, eggs and most meat products must be eaten sparingly. However, diabetics may eat lean meat, skinless chicken and oily fish.

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