Symptoms of poor circulation in the hands & fingers

Poor circulation in the hands and fingers can be caused by a wide array of conditions, disorders and diseases. Of course, to pinpoint whether you are suffering from poor circulation, you need to understand the symptoms of this particular condition. Consult a doctor for further diagnosis.

Tingling & Prickling

One of the most common symptoms of poor circulation in the hands and fingers can involve some level of tingling or prickling within any of the digits.


When experiencing poor circulation in the hands and fingers, you may begin to notice periods of numbness within the digits of the hand or the entirety of the hand.


Another fairly common symptom of poor circulation in the hands and fingers, according to the Mayo Clinic, is a certain amount of discolouration to the skin of the affected areas of the body, The hands can become very pale or even blue in colour with this condition.


Poor circulation may also prompt the hands and fingers to feel colder than other areas of the body.

Pain & Discomfort

Some people suffering from poor circulation in hands and fingers may begin to suffer from some pain and discomfort in the affected areas.


Sometimes, poor circulations can bring about the formation of sores or ulcers (open sores) to surface of the skin on the hands and fingers. This is largely due to the decrease in blood flow to these areas of the body. This same problem that brought on the formation of these sores or ulcers may lengthen the time of recovery, as the body may not be able to heal these areas as effectively as those that have a normal circulation.

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