How much does it cost to run a TV ad?

Updated April 17, 2017

Television advertising continues to be an important part of any advertising campaign. The costs to run TV ads can often encourage or stop companies and their television commercial goals.


In the beginning, television advertising was regulated to a few simple channels. Thanks to new technologies, the amount of channels available have grown. Because of the opportunities, the prices of television ads are rising.


Narrowing down the cost of a TV ad is nearly impossible without knowing the specifics of location, time, reach, frequency and length. Instead, it is important to look at what will change and affect the cost of a TV ad.

Local Television

Small companies who are looking at local television stations will find smaller costs for advertising. Depending on their market, they may find commercial air time for £650. Prices change depending on market size and competition.

National Television

National television commercial spaces vary their pricing depending on their market size, their available airtime, and demand for that specialised channel. According to Advertising Age, the average cost is over £84,500 for a national spot.


Frequency is the amount of times that one person (or household) will see an advertisement/ The more likely someone is to see an advertisement, the higher the cost will be.


Reach is an important aspect of cost for TV advertising. The more people you reach (households, televisions), the higher the cost will be of that advertising because your messages is reaching more people at once.

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