Coffee allergy symptoms

Coffee allergies are caused when you have an immune response to the protein that is found in it. After drinking coffee, you can end up with a collection of symptoms. The symptoms of a coffee allergy are similar to many other food allergies.

Nose and Eyes

Runny noses and watery eyes are often associated with a cold, but they are also symptoms of a coffee allergy.

Respiratory System

There are some symptoms that can be seen in the respiratory system. Coughing and wheezing are two of them.


In the worst of cases, nausea and vomiting can result in the event of a coffee allergy. In lieu of this, stomach cramps can also develop.


The digestive system can also be affected. One symptom that can appear is diarrhoea.


One last symptom of coffee allergies affects the skin. Rashes and irritation can develop.

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