Military Boarding Schools for Children

Written by axl j. amistaadt | 13/05/2017
Military Boarding Schools for Children

Boarding schools are schools where students live during the school term. Military boarding schools provide school-age teens and children with military educations, emphasising discipline, responsibility and leadership.


Military boarding schools are a highly respected part of the American educational system, and provide excellent preparation for military careers. They are privately owned and operated, and modelled after military-based colleges such as West Point.


Military boarding schools offer not only high quality academics, but high-level athletic programs as well. Personal values such as responsibility, self-esteem, pride, time management, integrity and self-control are fostered.


Tuition for military boarding schools can be costly, and since they are private institutions, prices vary considerably. However, financial assistance is usually available to children who pass school scholarship exams, and the funds do not have to be repaid.


Unlike some military schools, military boarding schools do not welcome children with serious behavioural problems such as violence or extreme defiance. Most will not accept such a student in the first place, nor will they enrol a youngster who is unwilling to attend a military boarding school.


Military boarding schools develop the child's whole person. Through varied experiences, youngsters become morally responsible and self-confident leaders.

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