The duties of a trading assistant

Written by linda emma | 13/05/2017
The duties of a trading assistant
Trading assistants work in the hustle and bustle of the financial markets. (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

A financial trading assistant's range of responsibilities can be vast depending upon where he works and who the boss is. While one assistant may be learning the steps to make trades of his own, another may be relegated to coffee runs and photocopying work. At the core of a trade assistant's work is supporting traders on the floor and with their client-based work.

Making trades

The assistant aspires to executes trades on behalf of a senior trader. However, it probably will be a long time before an assistant is allowed such a heavy responsibility.

Portfolio management

The assistant helps with portfolio management and the trading processes of the financial firm, adhering to accepted standards, policies and procedures.

Broker assistant

A trading assistant supports senior traders in all trading aspects, including preparing position statements, processing trades, assisting in broker-dealer relations, and writing up trade tickets when the market closes.

Trading floor representative

The assistant is a representative on the trading floor and communicates with brokers to write up trades, ensures account and trade accuracy, researches fail claims, resolves trade discrepancies, and processes trade corrections. She may work with company staff from various departments, including administration, analytics, compliance, human resources, information technology, legal, operations and research.

Data entry

The assistant enters bond and share trades into brokerage databases and creates and runs profit and loss estimates, portfolio analyses and other market spreadsheets.

Learning the job

The assistant maybe expected to attend classes and mock trading sessions to learn the role of a junior trader. During down time, he will watch the market to learn how it operates.


The job will include clerical work such as typing, filing and copying. The assistant may also run errands for senior traders, including making coffee and fetching lunch.

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