Job description of a business coordinator

Updated April 17, 2017

The primary role of a business coordinator is to act as a hub, or central point, of information for different modules of a business. The coordinator's job is to manage the flow of information between the various, branches and departments of a business or organisation. The business coordinator helps develop the “loop” of information that establishes the communicative process within an organisation. Business coordinators may be called business managers, administrative coordinators or information specialists.


If a business coordinator works for a large corporation or firm, a coordinator is assigned to every branch or department. The coordinator works with the branch or department manager to ensure that information concerning business processes is communicated to other business coordinators in the organisation. For example, a business coordinator working in a health care company, can be assigned to an information technology branch, a financial services branch or a health care services branch.


An entry level business coordinator is typically hired into an administrative position. As time goes on, this individual can be promoted to the position of a project management analyst, communicating with different branches and departments on the status of certain projects or providing those entities with information concerning their unit in relation to other business issues in an organisation. A business coordinator must have exceptional oral and written communication skills.

Educational Requirements

Business coordinators are typically trained on the job. However; a degree in business or administration will strengthen an applicant's chance to at least start as an administrative specialist with potential to be promoted to a position within the organisation as a business coordinator. A bachelor's degree in business management with courses in office management can improve a person's chances for a higher salary.


According to, as of June 2010, the average median salary for a business coordinator, or administrative coordinator, with five to nine years of experience was from £21,407 to £30,273. The best industries for employment were colleges and universities and the government sector.

Employment Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a business coordinator is closely related to an administrative assistant. The outlook for all related fields, including the occupation of business coordinator, was project to increase 11 per cent from 2008 to 2018. The fastest growth was seen in the occupations of executive secretaries and administrative assistants.

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