Business Travel Consultant Job Description

Updated March 23, 2017

People choose to become travel agents because they love to travel and help people plan their perfect vacations. There are many types of specialised travel agents in the field. One type of travel agent is a business travel consultant. This type of agent works one on one with businesses to plan vacations for work, not pleasure.


Business travel consultants work alongside companies to plan VIP business trips or any getaway to conduct business. This agent will obtain discounts related to business trips that other travel agents cannot. Instead of taking the time to travel business trips on top of daily business practices, business travel consultants do the work for you. This type of travel agent can plan anything from a convention for multiple employees to extended business trips.


Those interested in becoming a business travel consultant will go to school for hospitality and tourism like a regular travel agent. Classes will include geography, business and marketing as well as how to operate travel agent computer programs. Foreign language classes will also help for agents who must work with companies overseas. Some companies require that travel consultants speak such languages as Spanish and French.


To obtain skills in business travel consultation, travel agents will work alongside companies to fulfil their business travelling needs. These agents will have the ability to not only obtain the cheapest rates, but work with hotels and airlines to obtain rates only businesses can utilise. Business travel consultants must be able to identify ways to assist business travellers in every way when they are abroad or even travelling across the country. For example if a rental car gets a flat tire, the travel consultant must know whom to contact or supply information to the traveller of whom to contact for roadside assistance.


Business travel consultants have access to databases that other travel agents do not. These are discounts that companies offer solely to businesses. Some businesses who require employees to travel may have a travel consultant on site. This person knows exactly what the company is looking for when it sends businessmen and women on trips. A business travel consultant also provides insurance, so that if a problem occurs, someone can help the traveller.


Travel agents who wish to work as a business travel consultant should look to larger travel agencies for jobs. Larger companies tend to be more well known, and businesses will seek out professionals who can find them the best deals.

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