The Average Salary in Automotive Design

Written by morganbolling
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The Average Salary in Automotive Design
Turn a passion for cars into a career. (a car in a car show image by Gary from

Many people have an affinity for cars. Some people decide to follow this passion into a career in the automobile industry. One way to do so creatively is to go into automotive design. Wages in this profession vary based upon employer, experience and geographic location.


On average, according to a survey done in May 2010 by, people working in the automotive design field make between £28,275 and £37,304 per year. This equates to them bringing in between £9.10 and £12.80 per hour.

The Average Salary in Automotive Design
Salary varies by state, experience. (One Dollar - variations of Crumpled dollar image by PaulPaladin from


According to a survey from, people working in automotive design receive an average annual bonus of £696. In addition to this, about 60 per cent receive some paid vacation days from their employer. Approximately half have 401k options through their work, and 23.5 per cent gain life or disability insurance. Also, 18 per cent receive a paid cell phone from their employer.

The Average Salary in Automotive Design
A cell phone is sometimes a perk. (cell phone image by Alexey Klementiev from


When employed by a company, individuals working in automotive design bring in on average £10.0 per hour. Self-employed individuals in this field earn drastically more with an hourly wage of £24.30. This can equate to a difference of approximately £10,400 a year.

The Average Salary in Automotive Design
The self-employed car designer earns more on average. (Employment / Self Employment Sign image by Sophia Winters from


The more years worked in this field, the higher the median salary increases. For example, those who work less than 10 years bring in a median yearly salary of £30,193. However, once a person is employed in this industry for 10 to 19 years, this increases to £32,175 per year. Having 20 years of experience increases the average annual salary to £43,225.

The Average Salary in Automotive Design
Experience in automotive design pays off. (automobile image by razorconcept from

Geographic Location

The state in which a person chooses to practice automotive design can drastically impact his salary. For example, in California the median annual income is £35,750. In New Jersey, however, it's £39,000. In Florida, workers bring in a median hourly rate of £9.70, while workers in Washington earn £13. lists annual averages for all states.

The Average Salary in Automotive Design
Many states have automotive design businesses. (globe north america image by studio vision 1 from


On average, males in this field make £1.50 more per hour than females. This is equivalent to them earning an average annual salary that is £7,120 higher than that of females.

The Average Salary in Automotive Design
Gender can play a part in salary. (gender simbol image by Nataliya Galkina from

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