Interesting Facts About the King Cobra Snake

Written by laurence girard
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Interesting Facts About the King Cobra Snake
One single bite from a king cobra contains enough neurotoxins to kill 20 people. (Cobra in Jaipur image by Cozminelu from

King cobra snakes are the only snakes in the world that build nests for their eggs, according to National Geographic. King cobra snakes are deaf to ambient noises and use vibrations in the ground as one of their main senses. The scientific name for the king cobra snake is Ophiophagus hannah. King cobra snakes belong to the Squamata order, serpents suborder, elapidae family and the ophiophagus genus. The king cobra is not a true cobra as it's in a separate genus from cobras.


King cobra snakes can grow up to 18 feet in length, according to National Geographic. The king cobra is the longest venomous snake on the planet. These snakes can weigh up to 9.07 Kilogram.


King cobra snakes are so strong they can lift up to one-third of their body off the ground and still attack their prey, according to National Geographic. When king cobra snakes attack they flare out their iconic hoods and emit a hiss that sounds like a growling dog. These snakes typically eat other snakes that are both venomous and nonvenemous. Other food sources include eggs, lizards and small animals. King cobra snakes guard their eggs fiercely until their hatchlings emerge. The king cobra snake lives on land, in water and in trees.

Interesting Facts

Synthetic cobra venom is used for pain relievers and arthritis medication, according to National Geographic. The charmers flute entices the king cobra snake through the vibrations it makes in the ground not the noise it makes in the air. King cobras are not aggressive creatures, according to National Geographic. These snakes are actually shy and will avoid humans at all costs. However, if these snakes are cornered they are extremely aggressive.


King cobras live mainly in the rainforests located in the plains of India, southern China and Southeast Asia.


The amount of neurotoxins that a single bite from a king cobra snake contains is enough to kill 20 people, according to National Geographic. The specific amount of fluid released in once bite is 1 oz/28ml. This venom is enough to kill a single elephant. However, the venom of the king cobra snake is not the most poisonous of all venomous snakes, according to National Geographic.

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