Development of a 15 month old baby

Written by angele sionna
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Development of a 15 month old baby
At 15 months, many babies will be walking (baby walking image by jedphoto from

The life of a 15 month old baby is quite exciting. Toddlers this age are usually walking or even running around, feeding themselves pretty well, drinking out of a big kid cup, and learning from everything around. It's a great time to encourage self-discovery with lots of games involving all the senses.


Children 15 months old can generally say three to 10 words. One of those words is probably no, and they like to use that one a lot at this stage. Sometimes instead of verbalising for what he wants, a 15 month old will make grunting sounds, gesture or push to get what he is after. Tots in this age range should also be able to understand and follow simple commands.

Physical Milestones

Most children are walking by 15 months, though it can take up to 18 months for kids to walk on their own. Toddlers this age should also be able to: hold a crayon and make marks on a piece of paper; take off their shoes, socks or another article of clothes; pretend to sweep up, clean the table or other housework imitation; and recognise and point to at least one body part.

Eating Milestones

By 15 months, tots have added variety to their food and should enjoy many textures. The favourites of children this age are usually finger foods they can feed themselves, as they should have good manual dexterity by now. Toddlers should be eating three meals plus two or three snacks everyday. Fifteen month olds should also be able to drink from a cup and use a spoon. At this stage, their bowel movements may change due to addition of lots of new foods and cow's milk in their diet.

Social Development

A 15 month old is a social butterfly. She is walking, talking a little and enjoys interaction. But at this age, children can still display some antisocial behaviour. He may treat a brother, sister or friend just as she does her stuffed toys. That's because toddlers have yet to learn the difference between objects and people.


Sleep is something that hasn't changed much at the 15 month mark. Children this age generally need about 13-14 hours of sleep per day, including one or two naps. This is an age at which kids begin to get their first molars, so teething can return with a vengeance, meaning a previously good sleeper can occasionally be up at night.


If your 15 month old is delayed in two or more developmental areas, like not talking or walking and not responding to your calls, it could be a warning sign. These lags behind the norm don't necessarily mean anything is wrong, but they are a sign that you should talk to your paediatrician about your child's development.


There's a big variation in individual size for children at any age, but on average at 15 months old, a little girl will weigh about 9.98 Kilogram. Boys, on average, weigh 10.4 Kilogram at this age. Both boys and girls are about 31 inches tall at 15 months old.

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