What size wiper blade do I need?

Written by kurt erickson | 13/05/2017
What size wiper blade do I need?
Finding the correct size blade is key for keeping windows clear. (sur la route image by valérie Beunardeau from Fotolia.com)

Replacing worn windshield wiper blades is one of the few car repairs nearly everyone can do. Although the process may be slightly different for each vehicle, there are similarities when it comes to determining what size wiper is the right fit for your car, truck or van.

Know Your Car

The windshields on various vehicles are slightly different. For example, a full-size pickup truck has a larger windshield than a small coupe. For this reason, there are a number of different windshield wipers on the market. To get started, first determine the make, model and year of your vehicle.

Parts Dealer

Armed with your vehicle information, you can go to your local auto parts dealer to check out what exact size your vehicle needs. Head to the wiper section and look for the manuals that are usually hanging on each end of the display case. In the manual, find the make of your car and then narrow down your search for your wiper by finding the model and year of your vehicle.

Look in Catalog

Once you find your vehicle, there will be a list next to it showing which wiper is suitable for your car, truck or van. It also will have a category for a rear wiper blade, if your vehicle has a rear wiper. Choose which one you want--front or rear--and then write down or memorise the product number of the wiper.

Choose Your Blade

Look through the display rack of replacement wipers until you find the blades that match the product code. If you can't find the right wiper, choose a different brand and look through the manual to determine which is the right wiper for your car.

Compare With Old Blade

After purchasing the correct wiper, compare its size with the old wiper, still attached to the vehicle, to ensure that it will fit.

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